Cleaning is perhaps, universally, the least loved chore – all of us have tried our level best to avoid it in all ways possible! But Trained Maids show us that cleaning can be simple and fun, don’t with ingredients/ accessories found commonly in homes.

From how to get rid of fish odours to how to repel house flies, from how to remove stains to how to care for a wood table, a Trained Maid just knows what to do.

Here are a few of their secret tips:

  • You can repel house flies with cloves. Try it!
  • Smelly hands? Remove Food odour with coffee beans.
  • Spotty knives become squeaky clean with lemon juice.
  • Find washing dishes a strain? Try sponge, a good quality one, and see how fast it gets done!
  • Clean soft toys or zardosi/ stone work on ethnic clothes keeping them inside a laundry bag.
  • Clean fan blades by covering them with an old pillow cover – dust will remain inside the cover and none will fall on your face!
  • A mixture of 1/4 cup vinegar and 3/4 cup olive oil can magically get rid of the dirty scratches on wooden furniture.