About Us

An Idea whose time has come – We aim to train, skill, instill pride & self-respect and place domestic helpers with discerning employers, therefore organize a currently disorganized sector. Training, professional conduct, financial planning & management and transparency in job contracts will ensure maids reimagine their jobs as a professional career.

Problem at both ends

Homemakers across the country face the persistent challenge of unreliable, undisciplined, unskilled and un-smart maids who many a time do not match the family’s culture or needs. On the other hand, the maid fraternity grapples with the insecurity and lack of pride that comes with a temporary job in a disorganized sector. The unaddressed challenge is to change this status quo to benefit both partners.

Unique Solution

The endeavor is to bring in L&D practices to skill & up-skill an informal workforce to raise the value of the job.

An inspired Team

You’re looking at founders who’re PHDs. Nope – not that one! We’re talking of Passion, Hunger & Drive here.

Mrs Medha Parashar, a home-maker-entrepreneur, with 10+ years of extensive experience in content, media and brand communications, is the founder-mentor. What started as a passionate response to an oft experienced challenge in Pune, a couple of years ago, became an inspiration and prime driver, here in Noida, over the past year. With an eye to spot talent and personality-types, Medha’s entrepreneurial and exceptional people management skills have come to the fore in shaping this dream.

Her husband, Nandakishore Padmanabhan, a Consultant with a product company, comes with a work experience of more than 15 years that includes L&D, OD & Brand relations, having started off as an entrepreneur for the first 10 years of his career. Confessing that it was his wife’s sheer determination and conviction that converted him into a late believer, NK plays a supporting role in organizational development, program designing, brand & investor relations.